Anchored on the Miles River, St. Michaels MD, Chesapeake Bay

A Chesapeake Bay Anchorage


A while back, we anchored overnight in a quiet tributary of the Chesapeake Bay, a serene creek off the Miles River near Saint Michaels, Maryland. We put in the kayaks and paddled the creek for hours, witnessing the private island lives of eagles, osprey, cormorants, and ducks. A mesmerizing long-lasting sunset on the water topped off the evening. The next morning, another long and scenic kayak tour took us into to the creek’s headwaters. Most of our Chesapeake Bay cruises are with a larger group, but this time, the two of us had this glorious secluded spot to ourselves.

The Chesapeake Bay is truly one of the absolute must go-to places in the USA. You don’t have to be on a boat to love it, but seeing the Bay from a boat is the best. Anchoring out anywhere on the Chesapeake can be so many things– an inspiration, an adventure, a time of quiet reflection, an encounter with nature. Or it can be just one big party with friends.  In the posts that follow, we’ll take you to some of our very favorite places.

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